SAPP Walks…Conclusion

Wasn’t that an eventful evening? To those who have been following the whole SAPP Saga must’ve known that the party’s exit was inevitable. It was simply the matter of when is the right time to pull out.

In the recent months following the March 8 political tsunami, SAPP has been fighting for fairness to the point of attempting to remove the Prime Minister by moving a motion of no confidence in parliament.

The attempt failed naturally, due to threats made by government agencies, such as the ACA and ISA, against SAPP’s president and its 2 parliamentarians.

Fairplay in the BN is laughable and that’s another reason out of the many reasons why SAPP is sickened. Imagine that you just won a hard earned political victory on March 8 by winning 2 parliamentary seats, only to be insulted by not been given any federal cabinet position.

“Wah so spoil-sport one kah? So into positions that when not given anything sulking already?” some political observers may say. Well, in this day and age, one may be forgiven on grounds that we’re an enlightened crowd so we simply have a “give and take” attitude and all will be well, right?


Not when your boss ‘takes’ all your dues and ‘gives’ them to a party with only 1 lousy seat!

And the boss gives you a pep-talk that a politician (or a ridiculously highly paid motivator) usually tells to his supporters…


That’s right folks.

The BN is all about bullshit. The stench is so bad that SAPP left!

Now the die is cast and there’s no turning back. Who’s next to leave is on every Sabahan minds. For now, nobody knows what’s next.

But be rest assured the coming days is going to get interesting. So be prepared.

Popcorn, anybody?


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