Let’s Talk About Raymond Tan…

I couldn’t believe it at first. Raymond Tan is the kind of guy who appears to be the least likely Sabahan politician to go corrupt. I’ve been to a function once where he was the guest of honour when he first became minister. I’ve found him to be a nice and considerate guy who’s willing to be there for the people, though he sounded a bit like Mickey Mouse (Below) at first. 

Later on he has gotten over his pip-squeakiness and sounded rather butch. He started to develop the Mortimer Mouse, Mickey Mouse’s rival, (Below) traits that is cunning, sleazy and greedy.
After I read Malaysiakini’s “I Stopped PM From Ordering Yong’s Arrest” (you can also refer to my last post), I am of the opinion that he should have relinquished everything and joined up with his friends who placed him there as a Sabah Deputy Chief Minister in the State Cabinet.
Now according to Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman, Raymond Tan will still remain as DCM until further notice. I suppose how can Musa sack him when Raymond has been performing his duties as State Cabinet member; didn’t he after all told everybody that he was reluctant with the SAPP’s majority decisions? By right, he should’ve followed suit. Where he will be endowed with real respect instead with respect of convenience that the prestige of the DCM position brings. (How can he have respect while being a party-less DCM? I wonder.)
To be frank, everybody loves Raymond now because he’s now officially a joke. Now at least people have something talk about everyday at the kadai-kadai kopi .
Oh, by the way, if any of you thought that loving Raymond is about affection; think again.
What I meant was everybody would love to joke about Raymond Tan now!

One thought on “Let’s Talk About Raymond Tan…”

  1. Wah like that also possible meh, SO what does this statement say to us? This revelation says our Prime Minister is interfering in police investigations as per regarding corrupt practises. But I thought the PM has been saying the BN led government never interferes in corruption cases. IS IT A LIE? So that means there is, blatant abuse of power by the PM and his cabinet. Don’t forget Anwar ibrahim was arrested and charged for abuse of power for the very same reason. So the allegation of selective prosecution by the executive has been proven beyond any doubt by this revelation. Will someone file charges, police report, citizens’ arrest etc. against the PM, for abuse of Power, by hindering the Police from exercising their constitutional duty. Will the home minister demand the resignation of the PM, or censure the PM among his peers or should the Home Minister also be charged now for lying to the public. WILL SOMEONE MAKE A POLICE REPORT AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT?

    IN FIRST WORLD COUNTRIES SUCH PROOF HAS LED GOVERNMENTS TO BE FORCED OUT OF OFFICE AND RE-ELECTIONS CONDUCTED. Will this happen in Malaysia?, I don’t think so, We Malaysians are all aware the present BN government led and controlled by Umno is nothing more than a dictatorship, Democracy in name only, but a dictatorship by practise.
    A very pertinent answer by the Home Minister let the cat out of the bag. When Hamid ALBAR was asked why ISA action was taken Sin Chew reporter and Teresa Kok, (both actions seen as a selective backlash) whilst No action was taken against AHMAD ISMAIL, who started the ball rolling, by uttering seditious statements, WHY no government action was taken against him? The reply by our home minister Hamid Albar astounded all the reporters, ‘ACTION HAS BEEN TAKEN, UMNO HAS SUSPENDED HIM, ISN’T THAT ENOUGH’ or words to that affect.

    What that means is Home Minister, Syed Hamid Albar has openly declared, albeit indirectly, THAT UMNO IS THE GOVERNMENT, AND THE GOVERNMENT IS UMNO, NOT BN.WHAT WE SAY GOES.
    The pertinent Question that than arises, what about the other component parties, aren’t they partners in the governing of Malaysia as declared during elections and BN manifestos and slogans, don’t they have a say, or are they just rubber-stamps to UMNO POLICIES, POWERLESS and lame ducks?
    What than does that say for MCA, MIC, PPP and ALL THE east-Malaysia parties?

    This open declaration by the Home minister thus puts to rest once and for all the myth, BN is a coalition of many multi-ethnic Political parties. This is further than the truth.
    IT IS NOT.
    It is a coalition of a master in the form of UMNO, and servant or slaves in the form of all the coalition partners. Whichever way you put it look at it .In actual fact the reality of
    “I command and you follow seems to be the reality”. Is this what Malaysians bargained for? I don’t think so. I think WE, RAKYAT MALAYSIA, have been lied to and misled by this lie called BN, especially UMNO long enough.

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