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MalaysiaKini SMS 25/09/08 (3)

Umno has called an emergency supreme council meeting tomorrow amidst speculations that the party polls could be put off to next year.


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One thought on “MalaysiaKini SMS 25/09/08 (3)

  1. Go!Malaysian... on said:

    Soalan Matematik Mudah…

    Harga minyak di bulan September kira kira 1 barrel = USD$ 105.00

    USD$1.00 = RM3.45
    1 barrel = 158.9873 litres
    maka harga 1 liter minyak sebenarnya
    US$ 105 X 3.45 / 158.9873 = RM2.27/litre

    Mana pergi RM0.18 dan subsidi RM0.30???

    Dipetik dari…

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