Still The One

Dompok returned unopposed as Upko boss
Daily Express

Kota Kinabalu: Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Bernard Dompok has been returned unopposed as President of the United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko).

His Deputy, Datuk Seri Wilfred Mojilip Bumburing also won uncontested after nominations closed at 2pm on Wednesday.

Secretary General-cum-Party Election Chairman Datuk Wilfred Madius Tangau said Upko have a new Wanita Chief with Datin Dr Jaina Sintian also winning uncontested.

Incumbent Datuk Christine Tibok Vanhouten was not defending the post as she is going for the Vice President post.

She is challenging the five elected vice presidents Datuk Dr Marcus Mojigoh, Datuk Dr Ewon Ebin, Senator Maijol Mahap, Datuk Wences Angang and Datuk Tan Yong Gee.

There would also be contest for the Youth Chief post with incumbent, Donald Datuk Peter Mojuntin being challenged by his deputy, Arthur Sen.

Tangau said nominations were received from 36 eligible divisions.

“The election for the Wanita and Youth movements will be held on Oct 10 while the central leadership on Oct 12,” he said adding that the party’s triennial congress has been scheduled from Oct 10 to 12.

According to him, nominations would be sent out on Thursday and the nominees have until Oct 29 to accept.

Madius said a straight fight would be seen for the central committee’s Permanent Chairman post between Datuk Herman Tiongsoh and Datuk George Ginibun.

As for the Deputy Wanita Chief post it would be a three-cornered fight between Evelyne Mingkong, Georgina George and Petronella Untol.

Six nominations were received for the three Wanita Vice Chief posts, namely Evelyne Mingkong, Viola Dompok, Petronella Untol, Monica Henry, Juliana Jani and Angela Kok.

The Upko Wanita Permanent Chairperson and Deputy posts were won uncontested by Datin Dr Danna Untol and Datin Barbara Suan, respectively.

As for the Youth movement, Kuamut Assemblyman, Masiung Banah won the deputy chief post uncontested.

Andrew Durat Misun also won the youth vice chief post uncontested after another contender Padis Majinking failed to get sufficient nominations.

Jeffrey Teo won the movement’s Permanent Chairman’s post uncontested but for the deputy chairman post it would be a straight fight between Dr Monih Epin and Miming Pornama.

Madius said 30 candidates have been nominated for the 16 Supreme Council posts.


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