The Rigors of Enterprise Minus Finance

To me blogging has become a source of solace and inspiration. I don’t need to talk to a psychiatrist and so I need not pay a single cent. Thus here I am today.

The day so far has been tough. The site construction needs fund badly to complete work. The contractor is feeling down because he too is answerable to his workers and suppliers. The contractor is a family friend. He told me that he needed to complete our site quickly so that he can move on to other projects that needs his attention.
Well I feel for him. He was almost poured out his frustrations about having no money. I kept quiet. What can I say? The boss hasn’t said anything yet. Soon we parted ways and I sat quietly in front of my computer, writing this down. 
I was feeling low myself.
I was feeling quite frustrated myself because I couldn’t deliver the goods today.
The problem we’re facing is shortage of funds. However we cannot do much until the bank has processed our loan application. 
That’s okay, we’ll try something else again tomorrow.

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