Depressing Situations

The family and I visited the in-laws last night. While we were there, the topic of the 78-year-old Malaysian-citizen-turned-red-IC-holder came up. How did this whole debacle ever happened?

According to the Upko president Bernard Dompok, it seems that the root of this fiasco lies with the National Registeration Dept (NRD)’s negligence with the local sensitivities. For instance just because there’s a ‘Yong’ in the application, the officer would assume the applicant to be chinese. To hell with the anak negeri. Sino-Kadazan? Never heard of it. So therefore you are categorically an non-bumiputra. Dompok said his deputy, Wilfred Bumburing was being frustrated when said that Upko should review its status in the BN. Dompok also said that most members of his party shares Bumburing’s frustration.

I don’t blame him.

I am right now pissed off with my struggling in keying this whole thing into my tiny mobile and at the same time reluctantly trying to recall one of the MANY ridiculous incidents that has ever occurred in our beloved Sabah.

My wife asked whether we can sue the NRD. My reply was to the effect that once you do that, piss off the wrong people then you get to chit-chat with RPK pretty much for a very long time. Today’s (Oct.3rd) Daily Express, page 6, Jeffrey Kitingan, a former ISA detainee, said there were times where he and former inmates had to supplement their food intake by trapping snakes and birds. Though there’s food however the portion is meagre.

So piss off the government at your own peril unless of course you need to go on a diet…

This is what pisses me off about the government. When there’s a problem that needs dealing with, just call upon the ISA and they’ll come-a-running to clean up the mess.

The government’s tactic in dealing with the populace is to instill paralyzing fear. That’s why they incarcerated people like RPK hoping their actions might dampened other people from voicing out. It doesn’t work and it’ll never work. Just yesterday a handful of RPK supporters wearing ‘Free RPK’ t-shirts appeared at the Prime Minister’s Hari Raya Open House. They were asking for the release of RPK. The PM appeared to be visibily amused. Soon after that, 200 Hindraf supporters also turned up to request the release of their members.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll never get a fair hearing and sentence. The powers-that-be will always win. In Malaysia it is exclusively for absolute power the top leaders are clinging onto. I suppose you can say that power, like drugs, can be addictive. And when a person who is a power junkie gets backed to a corner like let’s say, March 8, then the withdrawal symptons are difficult. It’s going to get ugly in the coming days.

Ever seen a politician doing cold turkey? Brrrr. Neither have I.

Even though there are many questions about this country’s issues that needs resolving but the ones in power aren’t doing anything. Some tried, mind you, but most opted for doing nothing. Why disturb the easy life, right?

Times are bad right now both economically and politically. I’m hoping to see some changes soon.


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