The Flags of Sabah

I came across this website while surfing the net called Flags of the World and I chanced upon the Sabahan flag and its variations. I already knew of the Flag of 1963 and the Flag 0f 1988 but I seriously had forgotten about the Flag of 1982! Anyway, allow me to start from the present flag and then we shall move backwards in time… 

The Flag of 1988-Present (Above)
The Flag of 1982-1988 (Above)
The Flag of 1963-1981 (Above)
Union Flag 1948-1963 (Above)
State Flag And Ensign 1882-1948 (Above)
I managed to source these gems at the same Flags of the World link. I’m not sure of the sequence of the last 2 flags though but that’s how I understood the description. From 1882 until 1948, North Borneo as Sabah was known at that time, was under the rule of the British North Borneo Charted Company. After the Second World War, the charted company ceded its control of North Borneo thus the territory became a British Colony.

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