John Gaisah – Legend

Legendary Kadazandusun singer and composer, the late John Gaisah, is an icon to the local music industry. Even though the singing sensation had passed on August 11, 1981 but his fan-base remained strong and still growing. According to The Star Online, “Gaisah’s albums continue to shift by the lorryload…” until today. This demonstrates this talented musician impact to the Kadazandusun community. Songs like Miniagal Oh Sinsing (Like a Ring) and Taragang Rasuk (Red Dress) are still being played at any Kadazandusun wedding receptions today. Kadazandusun singers are still trying to emulate his singing styles up to today. Come to think of it, they ALL want to sound just like him!

Miniagal Oh sinsing – John Gaisah

Miniagal Oh Sinsing (Like A Ring) Above

Taragang Rasuk – John Gaisah

Taragang Rasuk (Red Dress) Above 

He died while he was driving back home. He crashed his newly purchased Subaru into a lorry. He was drunk and was dead at aged 26. He, like James Dean, became a legend ever since.
I’ve included some more articles from Daily Express and All Malaysia that provides more input about his life and death. Sadly these were the only ones I managed to find. 
You won’t be able to feel the impact of the songs I’ve embedded here. You will need to hear these songs live, loud and with some drinks to appreciate these songs. Next time when you happened to get invited to a Kadazandusun wedding, request the band boys to perform these songs. 
They will know what to do.

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