SAPP Expose MyKad Scandal

“How is it possible that a Malaysian, who has been here for years and years, is denied a MyKad and citizenship and yet there are many cases of foreigners who obtain MyKad through dubious means?”  Datuk Eric Majimbun SAPP Deputy President and MP for Sepanggar’s Press Conference on 4th October 2008

I read one the most disturbing news since Pak Lah increased the fuel price. That is the Mykad outrage here in Sabah. Eric Majimbun, Member of Parliament for Sepanggar exposed this scandal yesterday at a press conference. 
All I know is that our rights as Sabahans are in danger of being eroded. Even worse our rights have already been eroded. These illegal immigrants are now everywhere in Sabah. They are also suspected of aiding the Barisan Nasional Sabah’s winning streaks in every elections that they ever stood in. That’s how UMNO Sabah kept everything in check. If you ask any of the illegals who their benefactors are, they would openly tell you. And it concurred with the articles on this topic that RPK himself once posted in Malaysia Today. (I’ve tried searching for it but couldn’t locate it.)
But I don’t see the point of backing this up with points when it is painfully obvious that the problem is right out there. When I drive out from my home I can already see them. If we want to complain, they’ve already gotten to the police. If you catch them and deport them, they’ll always find their way back into the state.
Right now the general sentiments is that the government should be finding solutions in rectifying these problems. Instead of bickering about and jockeying for power the government of the day should sit down and get things into order.
I commend Eric Majimbun for his courage by exposing this delicate scandal. My respects to everybody in SAPP for being courageous in standing up for their beliefs. SAPP is now going all out now to make things right. What they’re doing now will indeed cause an impact to the next generation of Sabahan leaders by inspiring them to lead Sabah towards a better future. 
Their sacrifices will not be in vain. The next General Elections will be theirs to reap.

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