Interesting Happenings

I went over to Aki Momogun‘s blogsite and there it was revealed that Raymond Tan will form and lead a new party, Sabah United Party (SUP). I don’t know how true is this posting as the writer did not provide his sources. However looking at his recent postings, Aki Momogun‘s forecast is usually spot on. 

Anyway, according to the distinguished blogger, other SAPP founder members and 15,000 strong members will be soon joining Raymond in his new party. You can read all about it here.
Meanwhile word out from the Coffee Shop Chronicles said that Raymond Tan was rumored to have also applied for membership to join UPKO. When I first heard of it, I thought of it as a lame joke…
…I still think of it as a lame joke. I cannot imagine Raymond fitting in with the UPKO crowd who are predominantly Kadazandusun. He may have to start calling himself Raymond Sukiah if he really wants to fit in!

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