Pak Lah Surrenders?

“Shut up.”

So Pak Lah finally made the final plunge. Yesterday I have posted the MalaysiaKini SMS pertaining to Pak Lah’s decision to contest in the UMNO party polls as president. Then later, he changed his mind again and decided to back-off after all.

I read many articles relating to Pak Lah’s ‘shock’ announcement. The whole net has been busy buzzing about the whole thing. So there was almost nothing here where I could insert my 2 sens worth of thought. Finally I happened on The Malaysian Insider and Lim Kit Siang’s blog.

I hope Pak Lah will not do anything drastic and start changing his mind again. Or even worse, he would say ‘Oh, I meant that I’m letting go of the party presidential post only, NOT the premiership…’
Hey, it can happen! I’ve learned to expect and accept that whatever Pak Lah says, just think of the opposite! 
Anyway, since Mahathir and Lim Kit Siang both accepted this latest spectacle as the real deal, then I too am cool about it. 
I hope the country can recover after this. The economy is badly in need of attention. 
It is wearing all of us out. 
UPDATE:- I’ve included this article by Charles Hector, Prime Minister need not be UMNO President. This reflects the same idea that I posted here earlier, what if Pak Lah decides to cease becoming UMNO President only to continue on as Prime Minister? Charles has posted some noteworthy points. 

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