Stephan George – Malaysian Citizen with Red IC Ref.No.12071011-20080227-114402

Stephan George, Red IC Holder Malaysian Citizen,Daily Express, 07/10/2008
This man’s story is a classic case of how negligent the National Registration Department can be. The government don’t seem interested in looking out for the welfare of its citizen. When I read Stephan George’s story, I couldn’t help feeling hopeless and angry at the same time. Imagine his father tried since 1975 to register his Malaysian citizenship to no avail. Imagine being considered a Permanent resident in your own country.
From what I’ve read from Stephan’s story, since 1975 until today, the response that he got from politicians and government departments alike are just these few words; “still under process” without been given any clue when the matter can be resolved. Stephan has been given the same excuses for the past 33 years. He is now 52 years old.
My disappointment with the government is tremendous to the point that I have no more faith in it. Why can’t the Malaysian government be like the Australian government where the citizens are enjoying the benefits from paying their taxes to the establishment? Why is it always Malay first and other bumiputras last? Right now, Sabah is so infested with illegal immigrants with Blue ICs that it makes me feel so sick in the gut. 
Everybody knows that the current state government is in control of the Illegal immigrants. The powers-that-be uses these illegals to prolong their grip on power. That is why the opposition in Sabah kept on losing over and over again despite winning the popular vote. Everyone knows this. 
Where is the justice?
The situation is getting worse in Sabah and I hope the leaders would do something about it.
With due respect to Bernard Dompok, who’ll bring this matter up in the cabinet, I doubt the present government would even care to listen to him. They simply won’t care. Sadly he’s fighting a lonely battle over at the federal level.
UMNO and BN is pushing Sabah closer and closer towards its breaking point.
Anyway, read all about Stephan’s story here :- NST Online,  Malaysia Today, and Audie61’s Weblog

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