Petrochemical Plant- Sabah State Cabinet Agrees

It is interesting to note that after the Minister of the PM Department Bernard Dompok voiced out his discontentment about the pipeline project at the Federal Cabinet Meeting and achieved (in spite of Jeffery Kitingan’s claim) the Federal Cabinet’s agreement in setting up a full-fledge petrochemical plant in Sabah , everybody wants a piece of the action. Who can blame them?

Though I am quite surprise that the entire Sabah State Cabinet sat down when Dompok stood up, alone, to voice out against Pak Lah’s reversal in his decision of scrapping to Federal Cabinet. 

And because of one man’s courage, everybody is suddenly speaking up!

If you can’t call Bernard Dompok a true Sabahan leader then I don’t know what else there is to say…

In line with Sabah’s wishes: CM

Kota Kinabalu: Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman hailed the decision of the Federal Government to set up a petrochemical industry in the State, saying it augurs well for the Sabah Development Corridor plan.

“We are happy that the Federal Government has taken into account the views and interests of the people of Sabah by coming up with a plan that meets our aspirations as well,” he said, Saturday.

He said the Sabah Cabinet had also been pursuing other downstream oil and gas related activities.

A study on the viability of these projects was actually supposed to have been completed by December.

“But the fact that the Federal Cabinet had speeded up on making a decision showed that it is responsive to the wishes of Sabah,” he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Yahya Hussin welcomed the Federal Cabinet’s decision to create a petrochemical industry in Sabah, saying it is a privilege the people in Sabah should enjoy given its natural resources.

“The people in Sabah should have the privilege because we in the State also have problems like unemployment and so on,” he said.

“We do not want to just lose out on every natural resource we have in Sabah, without getting a bigger share,” he said, after opening a course on swiftlet breeding at Tang Dynasty Hotel, Saturday.

Yahya who is also Agriculture and Food Industry Minister is confident the oil and gas downstream industries that will come up alongside the petrochemical industry will provide more employment opportunities and income to the people of Sabah.

He refuted claims by certain quarters that the State Government had not been wholeheartedly pursuing the creation of the petrochemical industry, saying State leaders have always tried their best like, for instance, meeting the country’s supreme leaders and presenting views for consideration.

“To me, presenting views or suggestions to our country’s supreme leadership is not only through the media, which may be suitable for certain quarters … we prefer to use the more formal and cordial method like through meetings, discussions and so on,” he said.


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