Corruption : An Ordinary Joe’s Take

It has been a lousy 2 weeks.

This time is different from the rest of the challenges that I have to face. My project is dragging because we were doing it the ‘right way’. We are behind because we don’t play money with a certain government department.

Yes I am talking about corruption in our government system. Government servants won’t move to help unless there’s something in it for them. No matter how disgusting it may be in the end, we all still would have to pay certain ‘consultation’ fees just so that we can keep up with project development.

Coming back to our project; well it seems that we have no choice but to speed things up and that means we have to finally play money. Or else nothing will move.

I was in a moral dilemma over this issue. I didn’t want to get involved with this fucking corrupt practices. I wanted to go about it through merit because my team and I are capable and efficient to get things moving. 

But in Malaysia this will never happen. Government servants are now so entrenched with corrupt practices that corruption has become an institution in our country.

When running a business, a business leader has to consider and manage employees salaries, bank loan installments, office rentals, telephone, electricity and water bills etc, just to ensure that the business survives its daily rigors.

And the bastards from the government departments would also expect their share in forms of money, women and booze.

Even with the MACC and JAC bills passed in parliament, I still doubt that we would observe any real changes yet in the current administration.

So I have decided to play along with the current government practices with minimal involvement at least for a while. Too many commitments and lives are at stake and we have to press forward to complete this project.

Anyway that’s the plan. The rest I will leave for God to decide…


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