Heroes Season 3 : Villains

Since we had kids, the TV Channels in the house has officially became their territory. So hence the alternative for me to catch up with my favourite series Heroes, I can either wait for the entire Season 3 DVD collection or watch it on YouTube. 

Well I suppose I can do both.
When I first saw the show I thought it was one of best shows about superheroes on TV. These are superheroes minus the dorky and colorful tight-suits-underpants-outside. So in my books they’re rather cool. Plus the story-line is excellent and makes me go,”so what’s gonna happen next”?
Probably I should also catch up with other shows like The Ghost Whisperer and… hmm… I’ve forgotten what that other is called! Anyway the show is about a small town with lots of science experiments events and I will look it up once I remember what’s show’s name.

One thought on “Heroes Season 3 : Villains”

  1. They’ve taken out all the Heroes episodes off YouTube and Megavideos! Due to infringement apparently.

    I guess I’d have to buy the DVD collection later in 2009.

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