The Grumbling Chinese? The John Gandhi Ramblings…

I just finished scanning through RPK latest ‘No Holds Barred‘ posting. Recent complaints made by DAP and PKR triggered this post especially about the vernacular schools issue.

My bewilderment over West Malaysian politics will never cease. They spent so much time and energy fighting and complaining against each other over matters that is almost alien here. I believe that Sabahans in general don’t take racial issues too seriously. In the end of the day, we tend to value friendship more and to forgive (maybe not forget) without conditions. By nature I think we are egalitarians. However this is rapidly changing.
Anyway, I had a chat with a colleague of mind and I was relating to him about an incident where I lent some money to a friend. Now this friend, I can tell you, is a person that I haven’t yet known yet for a long time. But this person needed the cash badly and I haven’t any excuses to offer, I finally agreed to help out against my better judgement which is to say “piss off”. In fact after I gave the person the money I was already mentally playing out the event that money would have simply vanished along with the person. I had a good reason for being suspicious and skeptical because I was played 2 years earlier by a different, well, player which then resulted me of being poorer. But I always tell myself many times “I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they’ll pay me back because at the end of the day they can’t say that I never helped them and besides they might really need the money and I don’t want to have sleepless nights over regrets that can be avoided if I had given my help.” 
So I lent the money to my friend and the person delivered back the money, in cash, on the day that when the repayment was promised. I was happy not only because I got my money back (no interest charged by the way) but also that it is pleasant to know that there are few people left in this world that are still honest and true. I would never forget that day.
That action alone convinced me that there is still hope for goodness in the human heart.
Anyway after telling that tale to my colleague, he said that out of 10 people in the world only 3 people would still be good. I laughed and asked, “Just 3 people? If you asked me it would be at least 5 good people left in the world!”
Coming back to RPK’s article about the grumbling Chinese, I just don’t understand why people can’t just come together and sit down to meet and discuss about issues of the day and to solve things together. The racial polarization over at West Malaysia has widen and it looks like it’s here to stay.
Sabah, I believe is already heading towards that same racial (and religious) polarization and the camaraderie that we used to enjoy is now quickly depleting. Sabahans, in general, blame the influence of West Malaysian for causing this changes by the introduction of UMNO to the State roughly 15 years ago.
With all these bullshits happening around I still have faith in God and in the human race that things will work out just fine to those who seek peace and harmony between all races.
Anyway this is just my own opinion. 

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