After Capitalism…?


So ends the first working week of the new year. The mood I gathered is a bit gloomy. My friends and I were busy trying to adjust to the upcoming global economic recession.

It isn’t certain on how this would all turned up in the end. But I know things like this don’t last forever. A friend reckoned that it would be rough for at least 2 years.

To those of you with money, it is crucial not to show off yourselves. You might be robbed or murdered during this troubling times. Crime rates are expected to make a leap.

It’s going to be real test for all of us. I hope at the end of all of this… we would be better off that we do not lose our souls in this recession madness.

I was talking with a friend today and we were discussing about the collapse of capitalism. We think its going to happen and it seems to be happening now. I’m just worried about what will supersede capitalism.

Remember the Oliver Stone movie Wall Street? It is an epic tale about corporate raiders in the 1980s. Money, sex and greed is the theme here. It also questions the erosion of decency in Man. As its main corporate vulture, Gordon Gecko (Michael Douglas), said ” Greed is good…greed works”.


Anyway upon reflection, I think that people with too much money and power in their hands have great potential in losing themselves in the madness of dehumanization.

For instance when you receive a phone call and listen to a patronizing voice demanding when you are gonna pay your credit card dues, to the receiver, that voice is not a human being. Its simply an annoying sound coming through the earpiece of the phone. So therefore all good mannerisms were abandoned from both sides. But what happens after when you sit down one-on-one with the person?  They can actually see and feel you as real life breathing human being instead of just a statistic from the over-dues chart.

If Capitalism were to fall, what will take over its place? I guess I’ll just leave this hanging for the weekend.


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