Corruption: My Personal Exposure

Malaysia Coat of ArmsA couple of days ago, I had an experience. It was an unpleasant experience whereby a government officer tried to persuade me into bribing him. You see, in order to continue on with our work on the construction of our project we need funds. The bank that’s granting our loan application needed an official recent letter of extension from that particular government department. This is of course to justify the credibility of our loan application.

Anyway the officer who is overseeing our project development was asking me to at least give him something for his ‘effort‘ in providing us something which is supposed to be his duty to assist us. He was leaning towards karaoke, girls and booze. He even hinted about getting furniture for his home. 

I quietly listened  and politely excused myself for I was being late in fetching my daughter from school. After I settled their lunch bill (they were 2 of them), I said that I’ll get my man to provide everything that is needed. I was being vague of course. When I said everything, I meant everything to do with the project but nothing to do with the extra activities that he mentioned.

I was and still am repulsed by this whole incident.

When I first started this gig few years ago, I was scared of these guys. I had this fear that if I don’t give, they’ll delay our project and that will screw up everything that we work for. So I succumbed to the pressure and I wasn’t pleased with myself. Then later I got fed-up with the whole thing and finally I’m angry. Very angry. 

This is the worst economic period that anybody has to face and this fucker is riding us down. The idiot doesn’t see the repercussion of the results of the March 8 last year. 

Upon reflection, I’ve now decided to insist just on dinner, drinks and sometimes an occasional hamper for the department during festive seasons. If that’s not enough then I guess I would have to pop by their department everyday until they get tired of me. You see, they eventually got to assist us because its their fucking job to do so. (Actually my staff gave me this idea. I shall always remember his input)

The results of the last general elections has forever altered the nation’s perception of government. It has certainly altered mine. Change is possible if we want it bad enough. So I shall soldier onwards and hope and pray that I won’t lose my soul in these challenging times.


2 thoughts on “Corruption: My Personal Exposure”

  1. Dear JG,

    Nice page. You beat me to it. Mine still dormant like a sleeping toad. I particularly like the Lotud banner with the err .. forgot what it’s called. You see, even a Tuaran man can forget his his legacy some times.

    About your posting. It reminded me of my sister’s experience a few years back. She was not asked to give bribe but she also doesn’t like to be kept waiting in Limbo. What she did was after giving enough time for that Department to do the necessary, then it’s phone calls and follow up visits almost every day of the week until those supposed to do their job couldn’t wait to finish it and deliver whatever supposed to be deliver.

    Although by doing so we will not be popular but who cares as long as we got things done and we don’t have to lose sleep doing something stupid like corruption.

    Have a nice day.

    1. Dear PK,

      About the banner, it just looked so damn cool so that’s why its up there! I just thought we should put up something Sabahan regardless of which part we’re from. Perhaps they’ll be other photos to be taken (or copied) at this year’s Pesta Kaamatan.

      Thanks for your input on this posting. I really appreciate it because it tells me that not everybody are corrupt so there’s still enough hope in this world.

      Once again thanks and enjoy your holiday PK!

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