BlackBerry Bold = Mine, Finally


Say Hello To My Little Friend!
Say Hello To My Little Friend!

I am now posting this with the BlackBerry Bold!
I’m now hooked on it! The key-pads are a joy to type on.
The screen is sharper and wider in comparison with my(soon to be my wife’s) Nokia E71.

Its Been Fun While It Lasted!
Its Been Fun While It Lasted!

The operating system (OS) is still pretty foreign to me but I’ll get the hang of it.

This reminds me of the time when got I first gotten my MacBook; there’s no turning back.
Like a lot of people,I was waiting for the iPhone to be released in Malaysia but it has been a year already so the interest has waned.

The Joy In Apple's Eyes
The Joy In Apple's Eyes

While experimenting (toying) with an iPod Touch I discovered that texting via touch-screen is not for me.
I realised then that I’m a “QWERTY” kind of guy (in my BB Bold’s case it’s “QWERTZ”).

Incidentally while I was testing* the BB Bold, the shop-keeper also let me try the BB Storm. Well, it is also a technological marvel since it is touch-screen and when it is being pressed down, the screen actually clicks! The iPhone does not ‘click’.

The Potential iPhone Killer?
The Potential iPhone Killer?

When asked about the price of BB Storm, the shopkeeper informed me that it would be around more or less RM4,000. I dug in my heels,stared at the BB Bold and told myself that this is the one for me.

Anyway, I’ve been spending quite a lot of time with the BB Bold today and all that I can say is it’s truly a technological marvel. I now can receive my e-mails the same way I receive my SMS… they go straight into my mobile without me having to log-on to the web. This means that I’ll always be updated wherever I may be for as long as there’s a phone line.

After spending hours on the BlackBerry, my Nokia E71 looks so dated. Nokia has recently released a feature where the user can have push e-mail as well. But after going through with the BlackBerry, I find that where the E71 struggles, the Bold will excel easily.

At this point I am glad that I’ve made the decision to buy the handheld. The only drawback about the Bold is its battery’s limited lifespan. Other than that, its all nice if not perfect. This gadget going to be with me for a very long time.

Curiously I read somewhere that Palm is making its last pitch to stay in the tech game. The former leaders of the technology industry is trying to make a comeback with products like the Palm Pre. I have a theory upon why companies like Palm are dying. My suspicion is that the moment Palm switched its OS to the Windows OS to cater for the masses, was when Palm started crashing. I loved the Palm and I used to own a Palm Tungsten PDA. I would’ve gotten a Palm smart-phone if it were in its original OS instead of the Windows OS.


Palm's Last Stand?
Palm's Last Stand?

The BlackBerry Bold, in other words,its operating system won me over. Like my fascination with Apple has now been extended to Research In Motion (RIM).

It’s now exciting to see what else that the scientific wizards of this world has got to offer us next. 


*At this point I’m now posting from my laptop so which means that I can now add some pictures in here.


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