Happy Chinese New Year!

Yes its that time again where the hard-working and industrious Chinese will be having their long breaks.

As usual, none of the Chinese shops are open (I’m posting this from an Indian coffee shop by the way awaiting my roti canai takeaways).

The Chinese has been contributing to our nation’s economy even before the formation of Malaysia.

Now with the current political situation, we see the main 3 races; Malay,Chinese and Indian are at logger-heads with each other due to various reasons.

With that, I hope that this year will see some stability and of course prosperity in our nation. This can only be achieved through peace and understanding of one another.

I’m thankful that in Sabah, we still have the open-mindedness between races. The year has only started and the challenges are numerous. Unity within the state is crucial so I hope and pray that good things would come to pass.

Once again I would like to wish everybody a Happy Chinese New Year and may all of you will become blessed with health and prosperity.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!


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