The NRD And Me :o)

I just got back from the National Registration Department (NRD) after enquiring the status of my MyKad.

2 weeks ago I opened up a bank account in the city. As the registration officer glanced through my details, she noted that,under the ‘Ugama’ category, I’m Islam. I had the shock of my life which somehow later diluted itself into amusement. I even joked that I can finally apply for projects and bank loans with ease. All I got to do is change my name!

Anyway I let it slide for a week and then I was back again at the bank to sort out a few items. Out of curiosity, I asked once again what’s my religion. The officer then typed on her keyboard and this time gave me a print-out that says ‘Tiada Maklumat‘. I supposed that’s an improvement, I joked.

So today I went to the NRD of my district ( the place was jammed-packed today for god knows whatever reason) to sort out this predicament. The NRD clerk at the counter was appalled when she heard my story. She looked shaken-up. (Understand that the previous Red IC incident is still fresh in everybody’s mind…) I assured her that I understand computer mess ups occurs all the time and that I’m just trying to solve my problem and needed her co-operation. She then told me to produce my baptism certificate and then proceed to renew my MyKad. I told her thanks also that I’ll come back later and that’s that.

I am not angry about this. I can accept that people do make mistakes and (after much venting) I’m ever ready to forgive. However, there  is no excuse if the wrong doing hasn’t been rectified properly. The problem that’s facing our country right now is that the government is struggling to overcome its incompetence and negligence ( let’s not forget corruption, by the way).

The computer systems that the government departments are using right now are outdated. I noticed today that the government is still heavily relying on Windows based operating systems. Yes, this is to cut cost as they’re definitely cheaper (and ‘profitable’ if you know what I mean ) and when the computers crashes, these ‘tech-savvy’ officers get to ‘fix’ them without engaging outside help. I think it’s because there’s no budget for such thing? (We’ll never be sure with these kind of stuff, I mean if JKR can be abused what more the others,right?)

Coming back to our MyKad issue, well, apparently the NRD clerk has given me some outdated advise. According to The Star ,NRD Director-General Datuk Mohd Abdul Halim Muhammad said “…those faced with the predicament need only only fill up one form (Form A) to rectify the mistake…there is no need for a statutory declaration before the Commissioner of Oaths or a baptism certificate from a church or a letter from a temple priest, or any other documents…” Read more here. And here.


What more can I possibly say?

Anyway, at least now I know that I got 2 options. Do I:

1) Go all out and express my outrage about not only of the injustice inflicted to my religion but also of the outdated advice that was given to resolve my situation?


2) Just give them the baptism certificate (I’m sure it’s somewhere in the house) and get on with my (and her) life because I have better other things to do?

To the suspicious mind, all these apparent goof-ups by the NRD are only ploys to Islamize the unwitting. Can we be blamed for allowing such thoughts to enter our minds? I may be jumping the gun at this point but how much longer shall we stand and watch this shallowness that is causing so much tension in religion among the citizens? 

Malaysia used to be the envy of the world due to our ability to tolerate other people’s religion and race. I suppose those days are already over. We now await for the official announcement…


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