Perak Coup : My Personal View…

It has been a rotten week. Democracy in Malaysia has still got a long way to go. Of course like many of us who were glued to their computer monitors, we have to admit that our emotions did run high (well quietly if you’re non-Perakian) as we await for the outcome of the Perak Crisis to unfold. I’m not going to repeat the events because it will leave a bad after-taste in my mouth. Besides if anyone is interested, I’ve categorized the event under Perak Crisis in this humble blog.

Now that the dust is settling, if we look at the whole scenario, BN merely executed a counter-attack on PR. Machevallianly speaking, it was a superb move made by BN and the credits should go to DPM Najb Razak for being the architect. Satan himself would have been very pleased. When asked by the press, Najib merely commented that PR started the whole thing with its September 16 Federal Government Coup.  BN was merely returning the volley. Right. Enough of me trying to rationalize the whole thing.

Personally speaking however, that was one of the worst political groin-blows that I have ever seen! I think the collapse of PBS in 1994 pales in comparison… wait a minute… its the same thing! Let me ramble a bit about Sabah…

Looking back, I lost interest in politics in 1994. When PBS was in power, the Sabah State Cabinet were our shining stars (well, to me anyway) and a new beginning for a new Sabah. People those days were pretty much honorable and principled. Then UMNO/BN came to our State and started throwing money, phantom-voters, positions etc. That time, our YBs were pretty much young and naive. Most of the cabinet ministers were in their mid 30s and 40s still attuning themselves in their new roles as political leaders. Meaning to say most of them were opened to the hot deals that were being offered. In the end, the once powerful PBS was reduced to nothing and split up into smaller parties like SAPP,PBRS,PDS,AKAR etc. To this day, the repercussions  of 1994 are still being felt. When PBS first took power in 1985, I remember everyone was charged-up in their patriotism to the state. Now? Very sad indeed. And very, very disappointing. After 1994, I shut off my mind from politics when I realized that the game is extremely dirty. It has always been dirty but was covered up; hush-hushed. Nowadays, everybody gets to witness politics in its entirety thanks largely to the Internet and RPK for having started the ball rolling.

I am still optimistic about the future in Malaysia. Eventually, I believe, that these whole corruption in our political and governmental system will be significantly reduced. I believe this because the Internet has opened a huge can of worms and most of our young spent their time surfing the web. The young will ensure that these despicable acts will not be repeated. Change will come in time. In this we should have faith.

I have said what I wanted to let out off my chest. I’m feeling a bit better now. I am going to re-read RPK’s latest posting. Click here if you’re interested to to join me. Also click here for Rocky’s opinion. Interesting.

Have a pleasant weekend everybody!


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