Elizabeth Wong’s Political Rape – My Say

Last week’s political humiliation of Bukit Lanjan State Assembly representative, Elizabeth Wong, was a deed way, WAY below the belt. I don’t care about who leaked out the damning photos but to use a person’s privacy to drive a point across is simply disgusting. 

The culprits who did this atrocity should be dragged into the city square and get shot in their privates and after precisely 5 minutes later get their heads blown off.

That’s how upset I am over the matter.

I believe I mentioned in my previous postings that the Perak Crisis was disgusting. The Elizabeth Wong Scandal wins the grand prize hands down.

My heart goes out to the embattled yet courageous YB. She says that she is resigning as both Exco member and assemblyman. I hope that she changes her mind because the nation badly needs a very strong voice in government like hers. With Elizabeth Wong, there is no substitute. With the remaining leaders left in PKR, the leadership cannot afford to lose quality leader. I that believe after her leave she will emerge stronger, tougher and better than ever. 

I don’t feel like talking about this incident anymore.


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