Pensiangan : Epilogue (…And Mohd Nizar Candidate For Bukit Gantang)

And so Pensiangan won’t have its highly anticipated by-election. People are now talking that it was all Najib’s handiwork. The Attorney General is apparently close with the Deputy Prime Minister. And so on.

Where does that leave us?  All I can say is that while the politicians are in overdrive positioning themselves, the country is already in recession and we have no other choice but to wait and see. Some people are going to win big and some are going to get destroyed. Today I find that good sense and common sense are officially dead . It no longer matter whether you can execute a job morally and effectively; the deciding factor is how low you are willing to bend over to achieve your desired target. These kinds of practices occurs in all government departments and UMNO its source.

Half an hour ago, I took my son shopping for his scouts uniform and on the way back, we passed by UMNO Sabah Headquarters. This got me thinking, what if the fall of PBS in 1994 never came to pass? How would Sabah’s political  landscape look like?

Talk about missed opportunities. The PBS government then was given the chance to create positive changes within the state. They blew it. And today is the result of it inability to lead and to inspire. So far only Yong Teck Lee and his friends in SAPP are the only ones making the bold moves.

Am I disappointed by our current crop of leaders? Well I don’t want to dwell too long in the blame game; I just want to express that we aren’t no longer politically optimistic and naive. Today Sabahans are more suspicious and cynical when it comes to politics; especially when it involves West Malaysia.

Today I received this SMS from MalaysiaKini:-

“23/3: The Federal Court passes the ball back to the High Court to determine the constitutional aspects on who is the legitimate Perak MB./MKINI”

Regarding this latest development methinks the Perak situation is going to be solved pretty soon. I agree with RPK when he said that there are schemes underway to rid of Najib Razak as Prime Minister at the expense of re-losing the Perak state. This SMS indicates that RPK’s prediction is becoming real. We’ll see what’s going to unfold next.

Lastly, coming back to Pensiangan; we’ll never know whether BN can win back the seat as these parts of Sabah are still underdeveloped… meaning to say that alternate news won’t reach the people. Democracy in Malaysia is being raped and abused; that is all to it. I hope the seekers of justice in Peninsular would fare better than us in 1994.

P.S. I just received this piece of info from MalaysiaKini via SMS:-

“23/3: PAS late tonight announced ousted Perak MB Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin as its candidate for Bukit Gantang parliamentary seat./MKINI”

Hmm. Landslide. Definitely.


2 thoughts on “Pensiangan : Epilogue (…And Mohd Nizar Candidate For Bukit Gantang)”

  1. Been absent for the past weeks. Busy?

    About your posting – well how shall I put it, frankly the local political scenes can be quite distressing. Tried not to dwell too much about it. By the way, I’m sure you have read RPK latest posting. Sound angry isn’t he?

  2. Yeah i’ve been pretty busy lately plus there’s nothing much for me to post right now. The MalaysiaKini updates that I receive daily via sms were at times quite sickening that I stopped posting for awhile. These are very disturbing times in Malaysia.

    RPK’s been very angry for a long time already (being tossed into prison many times would do that to a person) and its like something terrible going to happen once Najib takes over. To me, it’s just going to get worst when this dude takes over.

    How bad?

    Nazi Germany bad.

    Umno will be finished come GE 13 and they know it. That’s why they are scrambling in tying up the loose ends and it is not the economy. Its all about power.

    You know I’ve always wondered why people change so easily once they are in power? I once helped a candidate during the election few years ago. He was pretty nervous and naive during the campaign. So we helped him win. Eventually he went a bit nuts while he struggled to balance the power he obtained. I don’t know. What I do know is that all politicians are in the realm where everything is possible. I think that’s where they get their high.

    Power drunk? That’s possible enough and also scary!

    When Najib annexed Perak, the pictures showed him to be smiling beamingly. My impression of that particular smile is not natural though I’ve seen it many times in pubs; that was a smile of a happy drunkard.

    In this case, a power drunkard.

    The political drama that is rocking the nation won’t end until the next general elections. I hope nothing drastic occurs before then.

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