Earth Hour – Voluntary Blackout

I’ve just received an sms a moment ago concerning Earth Hour;

“Vote Earth! Support Earth Hour on Saturday, 28 March, 8.30pm – 9.30pm. Switch off lights to show u are concerned with our Earth’s wellbeing. Let’s fight global warming together! Makin panas sudah skarang ni!”

In these past weeks, Sabahans aren’t very enthusiastic when comes to this campaign since we always suffer very, very frequent electrical blackouts.

However the State Government has decided to be at tandem with the world regarding this Earth Hour campaign.


Before I elaborate further, I would like to share with you a little revelation that I’ve had experienced during last month’s KL trip.

While window shopping at a mall, I came across some people who were seeking donations in aid of the Gaza victims.

While I thought it was for a worthy and noble cause, I didn’t want to part with my loose change because it wasn’t relevant to me; you want my loose change? Then do something for Sabah’s own hardcore poor. To me that is more relevant then giving money to people who were stupid enough of not having the common sense to sort out their differences via diplomatic means as civil people in this modern age.

I feel the only reason our government is participating in all of these is simply to show off to the world that it cares. Of course the powers that be don’t believe in it… but it looks cool to do something noble in the eyes of the world.  especially the need to show to people of the commitment to switch off  the power for  an hour on Saturday evening by reciting another ‘Aku Janji’ oath. Funny that one feels the urge to do such thing for an one hour event that just needs willing volunteers.

Don’t ask why; its simply a Malaysian thing.

Will I switch off the lights on saturday night? Most probably not. I’m grateful for the fact that we are now having a stable flow of electricity since that terrible time last year.

Like most Sabahans, my household goes through uncomfortable time during the blackouts. Developed nations should create an awareness as they have good power supply. Developed nations have the reason to do so because they’re the biggest power users in this planet.

But for us in Sabah? Well, let me put it this way; if I were to ask my friends to join me in this campaign, out of  10, 9 will laugh directly at my face and 1 will scold me solely due to the fact that she’s my wife!

Come saturday, life goes on in my household. They will be watching the latest Akademi Fantasia ( I never liked that show) if I’m not mistaken. Unless of course SESB feels that we should participate in Earth Hour….


2 thoughts on “Earth Hour – Voluntary Blackout”

  1. It’s not the act of turning off the lights. It’s the statement you make on global warming. Yes, it’s tough in Sabah, but nowhere near as tough as Iraq, or Gaza. Life is good, give and you shall receive.

    I’m voting for earth!

  2. resale,

    How can one think of the world’s problem when one is thinking about their own livelihood? My point here is the frequent power black out is actually disturbing the peace. When peace is disturbed chaos occurs.

    Keep this up any further we’ll definitely end up like Iraq and Gaza!

    Anyway, we didn’t switch off for Earth Hour and neither did the neighbours. And we didn’t need to tell them so because Sabahans mostly have this point of view. Visit the link below,

    Lastly before you think of the world, think of your own backyard first!

    Are you even Sabahan?

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