Umno Youth Corrupt : Tun M – MalaysiaKini SMS 27/03/09

27/3: Mahathir Mohamad has lambasted Umno Youth of soiling the party’s image by voting for Khairy Jamaluddin, who is ‘known to be corrupt’/MKINI


2 thoughts on “Umno Youth Corrupt : Tun M – MalaysiaKini SMS 27/03/09”

  1. Now that the father-in-law is on the way out(is he?), he now turned his attention to the son-in-law instead. Not that the SIL is an angel, but a young fresh-face could add a new look to an otherwise all too familiar, tested and tried faces.

    Couldn’t help myself feeling a bit proud to see a lot of Sabahans voted into the senior ranking and fileof UMNO. Hope they don’t get big headed so soon.

  2. I meant to post my thoughts after Khairy won the Umno Youth Chief however while I was waiting for the pc to connect to the web right after I’ve pressed “publish”, Streamyx died on me!

    After a while I managed to get back online but sadly the piece that I’d written was already 80% gone. The remainder was all I’ve had left.

    Since the topic is about Khairy, so I’ll include the post here…

    “To tell you the truth I was half expecting Mukhriz to win. If not him then Khir Toyo to win. My jaw dropped when the results came in and said that Khairy has won the Umno Youth Chief.

    That was about an hour ago… oh…there’s my jaw on the floor! There, its back on my face!”

    …and I’ve forgotten the rest of it. Sad.

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