A Matter Of Faith

I was watching a controversial documentary called ‘The Arrivals’. Its an interesting topic as it deals with the notion that America and England are actually under control of Israel.

The series also claims that the individuals running the world right now are secret societies like the Freemasons and of their bloodlines. They are an elite group that goes back to the times of the Egyptian Pharaohs.

The series also claim that these secret societies are working on world domination in order to usher Satan into the world as its ‘rightful’ ruler.

Anyway I find the 51 part documentary quite intriguing. Whether I believe it or not… Well I’m not sure what to believe in anymore.

The only thing that I know is that I won’t be taking any chances and just adhere to the teaching of the church.

I still have a choice on how to worship God. And I’ll be doing it my own way.

Just click on this link if you’re interested to find out more but take it with a pinch of salt; these days there are many many ‘prophets’ that preaches the same thing.


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