My Ramblings On April 7…

Like most people who jacked in the ‘net, I was following yesterday’s polls’ development.

Bottom line : most Malaysians still wants change.

Not even Tun M could turn the tide at the last minute. I was thinking ‘my god,10 years ago this event would’ve been played out very differently!’

So its official; Tun M no longer possesses the political clout he had once wield. The bogeyman has lost his groove.

Personally my respect for the old man has diminished. I asked myself many times; does he really ever cared for this country or are all of those hu-hahs that he displayed were just attempts to hang on to power? The term ‘godfather’ comes to my mind. Being the power behind the throne has its own perks. Maybe he’s just doing that for the preservation of his legacy for his kin.

After all, didn’t Khairy nearly wiped out his 22 years of achievements?

Whether Tun M likes or not, the political tsunami of March 8 2008 aftermath is here to stay.

Pakatan Rakyat won 2 convincing victories in West Malaysia… Which was expected right from the word ‘go’

Barisan Nasional’s sole winner in Batang Ai is convincing. It was said that foul play were in the works. But I disagree. In East Malaysia, the rural poor would always support the BN because RM50 can go a long way for an impoverished family. This is a concept that most West Malaysians will never understand.

I’m one of the fortunate few who has the opportunity to travel and see other places. Whenever I visit West Malaysia, the conveniences that they have over there is enviable. Electricity, water and transportation system, to name a few, over there makes me wish that we have those here. Many West Malaysians told me that whenever they come over for a visit,said ‘ini bukan Malaysia’ all time without fail. I wanted to say ‘ini bukan Malaysia; ini Borneo la’ but my good East Malaysian sense held my tongue. 🙂

Anyway, I predict that in GE 13, West Malaysia will reject BN whereas urban East Malaysia will reject BN and the rural areas will continue to support BN.
Were Pensiangan to be contested, BN would have won easily because of its rural locality.

Why is East Malaysia rejecting change? This is one of the most popular question raised by West Malaysians. Simply put; we don’t want West Malaysian based parties to tell us what to do. We shall decide for ourselves.

What happened in Batang Ai yesterday was simply a rejection of a West Malaysian party. It didn’t even qualify as Dayak affair otherwise 5 term MP Jawah Gerang would’ve walked Batang Ai. He had all the necessary equipment to win. Too bad he chose the wrong party.

Normally here in East Malaysia, people who join non-local based parties are opportunists because they cannot get along with the local based parties. I know a few losers who have join PKR,DAP and others; they simply cannot co-operate nor co-ordinate with each other that it had costed them GE 12.

West Malaysia will have to learn that in order to work with East Malaysia, they have to show respect to the local parties here. They just can’t simply barge in and tell us what to do (Umno’s presence in Sabah is a testament to that).

Pakatan should consider making Sapp a prominent partner in Sabah and remove PKR and DAP from the equation. As far as I’m concerned, they’re all 2×5.

Anyway I’m going to end this shortly as my son’s tuition is about to be over soon. I’m actually having a teh tarik while jotting this down with my trusty BlackBerry Bold.

It saddens me all the time when I think about our political and economical situation.

I’ve been thinking whether I should join the fray now. After that, I always come to realise that I ain’t got the monetary means to do so! All the time!

I’ve come across a lot of people who enter politics without the means who finally ended up broken or worse; becoming somebody else’s property! Sad but true, ladies and gentlemen! I know of this for a fact. 21st century slavery/prostitution if one isn’t careful enough!

Its all a sick game.


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