NH3-New Home III

I don’t know what is happening with The Jongandhi Blog‘s settings. It doesn’t seem to include the dates and times of my postings. So I’ve decided to create another blog-site. By the way this is my third blog.

My second blog was created using WordPress. I like it very much however lately I find that it has been lagging; I can’t seem to access its dashboard as quickly as before. The dashboard itself is laden with items that I don’t really use and care about. Since I’m on the move most of the time, I like to blog on the go. WordPress.com Gadget isn’t as user friendly as compared to go@blogger.com. So portability is a biggie for me. After saying all that, I still think WordPress is an excellent tool for blog creation. Its just that now I just need to only do some basic stuff.
So this leads me back to Blogger and a new blog! To tell you the truth, I don’t know what to expect out of this yet but nothing is absolute. Hence the creation of this blog.
As I write this, I find Blogger’s writing features are soothing to a very much pressured mind. It almost brings back fond memories of my first posting. Well, almost… as nothing can ever beat the first time! 🙂
Catch you later!

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