Running Men (aka Pelarian…)

Yesterday on my way home, I came across an incident which involved a police patrol car stopping a lorry. The lorry was carrying I assume construction labourers judging from its equipment.

The road rules states that a lorry can only transport goods and not passengers at the back.

Anyway to cut the story short, a few of the workers caught glimpse of the cops, started to panicked, jumped off the vehicle and started running towards the villages along the Minintod-Inanam road.

I've never seen such desperation in real life before. I've only seen these in movies of the typical cops and robbers chase (which is so hammed up by the way).

The funny thing was that the coppers took their sweet time getting out of the car and the workers jogged (that's right, jogged) out from the lorry! Quite casually too I got to mention!

I assumed that these were workers without any proper travelling documents/passes.

I nearly stopped my car to watch the whole episode but thought against the idea and went on with my journey.

None of my business I had thought.

Then it has struck my mind that even if I had gone down and assisted the cops by giving them an eye-witness account; would it have made any difference?

There are so many things to complain about our government's administrative system. The problem of this magnitude started when the leaders of yesteryears decided to put themselves first before the nation's needs.

This action thus caused a chain reaction which eventually leads us to the alleged illegals running for their lives from the police.

Our administrative system is so corrupted that in order to survive, we need to adapt to it. By doing that, we are also jeopardising our children's bright future.

All these are happening right now due to political pride,short-sightedness and especially for personal gain.

It's an never-ending situation.

Take care everybody and be good to one another.

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