Conned! (AKA Epic Fail)

This is one of the worst days of my life!
I was cheated by a so-called friend who promised to pay back my money in full.
And he didn’t.
In fact this thing has been hanging since 3 years ago and I let my friendship blinded me into believing that he’d eventually pay me back.
It appears that I was marked from the beginning.
With all embarrassments set aside, I now have considered him a lost cause.
I don’t want anything to do with this guy anymore.
Serves me right for seeing dollar signs at the beginning which led me to deposit my money into his account. I believed him then due to the previous business arrangements that went successfully (come to think of it, the business went well because I was in charged of the finances!) and so I decided to give it a go.
And now here I am, X amount poorer (the amount that I gave and was promised in return is too painful for me to note down here!) and hopefully wiser in my dealings with people especially at times when everybody is facing financial difficulties. I suppose even the Ah Longs are working overtime to make ends (no pun intended) meet.
I must admit after going through this experience, I am now officially jaded to the ways of the world.
Just a moment ago, I received a phone call from a person who was played out by some government officers. Something about between the 3 companies lobbying for a particular project, this person’s company was left out despite the fact she was more experienced, efficient and qualified. The lesser two companies meanwhile appealed that they deserved this break as they were just starting out and should be given the opportunity. It turned out that these 2 companies had 15 years of experience each!
Though I had agreed to help her but I just couldn’t find the right time! A lot has happened since I last wrote the paragraphs above. Things have been great so far.
Before I post this and put an end to this ‘saga’ of mine, I just want to say that this experience of being conned is an eye-opener for me. People would do anything for survival I suppose to the extent of forgoing their principles.
As human I understand the challenges of life we have to go through. There’s no short-cut, there will always be learning curves to be endured.
I pray that I won’t have to make that same difficult choice.

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