My Thoughts On Michael Jackson

When I first heard of the news that Michael Jackson has died, I was stunned for the whole day. I just couldn’t believe it. Suddenly he’s gone. Just like that, the world’s greatest entertainer is gone.

Like many people, I grew up on MJ’s ‘Thriller’ and ‘Billie Jean’ being my favourite song. My only problem with him at that time was that girly voice of his. Later I realised the real problem was that I couldn’t sing along because his pitch was too high!

I don’t believe all the child molestation allegations. He was just a boy forced to grow up fast in the music industry.

Listen to and read the lyrics of his songs especially ‘Childhood’ which is his answer to the sexual allegations that were made against him.

There’s a saying that when one dies, the truth will be out. With MJ, this is so. I believe him now. A bit late but at least I’m now enlightened about MJ’s ‘weirdness’.

His skin colour change was due to vitiligo, a skin disease. A disease which causes a skin to turn white. MJ didn’t bleached his skin, he simply applied pancake make-up to cover the patches on his body. If you surf the internet and study his photos, you can actually spot the affected areas of his body. i.e if you got photoshop, just convert his colored photos to black & white. I’ll update this post later about this topic.

With his passing, he has earned a place in the pantheon of legends; Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley… But I beg to differ.

MJ is now greater than these people and his legacy is undying.

What makes me say all this?

My 7-year-old daughter is now a huge fan of MJ who is just discovering the greatness of his magic through his songs and videos.

Like Peter Pan before him, he will forever excite little children with his adventures over and over again.

Rest In Peace, Michael Jackson.


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