I know it has been awhile since I last visited this blog. It looks that I’ll be posting here quite regularly since WordPress app for BlackBerry is now available.


I’m going to make this a short post. I just want to reflect today on the desperation of people in these economic uncertainties.

I have been very busy in the past 2 months venturing into businesses. Months before that, I’ve been working on my health which has since improve. I feel like a new person. A far cry from the sad and miserable fellow of last year. I am happier and healthier now. And because of that, I’ve become a better person and businessman.

I just realised that having a good attitude is essential as business-relations are based on this. I’ve been traveling outside of Sabah and being fortunate of worldly exposure. All things were well, that is until I returned home.

My family and friends are going through desperate times. And the vices that they normally turned to for escape has increased ten-fold. Sex,gambling and booze is what I’m referring to. And they complained that money is hard to come by (the fact that they can actually pay for these pleasures is beyond me!) and are trying their best to make ends meet.

Speaking of which, there’s this fellow who’s trying to claim compensation over my encroaching upon his property. He wanted a compensation that is enough for him to build a workshop. My property’s trespass is only a fraction of the desired value of a workshop. I’m trying to settle this matter amicably. Certain procedures have to be met. I requested advices from my surveyor, lawyer and valuer friends pertaining this matter. Which is fine. What irks me is that this fellow has been irritating me since Sunday till today! He even went up to my house to bug my family while I was out at work! This is after I explained to him the process that is required before I can issue payment to him.

The fellow is of simple background, so it is rather pointless to get upset (though it’s getting there…) about it. He needs the money and he’s desperate. I doubt that its about investing in a workshop. I just wish I wasn’t cast in such a spot.

It’s an ongoing issue and will be resolved soon.

But it is sure testing my patience.

I hope and pray that’ll all work out for the better.


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