Jakarta Bombings : My Say

**Note: I first wrote this after the Jakarta bombing occured. Like the rest of the world I was repulsed by these senseless acts of violence. I won’t be deterred from going to Indonesia because of this. In fact it’ll be better for us as the country would need foreign investors to help adding to its booming economy…

When friends from Indonesia informed me of the bombings of both the JW Marriot and Ritz-Carlton in Jakarta, I was deeply saddened.

One of the highlights for me this year was my first visit to Jakarta. The people are unbelievably courteous and hospitable. And that’s without giving any tips!

The city itself is vibrant with life, unlike KL where people seem so lifeless. I guess the feel good factor is painfully missing from our society.

And this stupid thing happened.

I hope the situation will be better in the future.

My condolences to all the families of the deceased.


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