Moving On, Starting Over

I’ve shifted my position. I am on my way to the top. I never knew that from here, it’ll get rather lonely. From this perspective, nobody understands you. There’s this saying; we never change but the people around us do.

I find myself believing that now.

Yesterday was my turning-point. My own close friend does not understand me anymore. These past few months have been difficult ever since I started going overseas for business. The experiences that I’ve gathered were incredibly overwhelming. I realized that in this world, we are so small and that there are many more places and opportunities to explore. I want this opportunity and I am going for it.

But this pursuit means certain things has to change. Money changes people. If it doesn’t change you, it changes the people around you. I wanted to believe that this is not true and not happening. But I discovered that it is very real. Money makes the world go around, the trick is to not let the money control you, but you control the money. That’s how we maintain our humanity, by delaying our own gratification.

I’ve learned that no matter how rich people are, it is the basic courteous attitude is still a valuable and necessary commodity. I know men that values building long-term businesses and not those who fight for small (or big, doesn’t really matter the effort applied is similar) projects.

Some people say that nothing is personal in business. I disagree entirely. You still need to respect one another in a business relationship. You still need to deliver what is promised in the first place. You must still be a person of integrity and if you are such person, this will thus saves you the trouble of going through countless law-suits piled against you.

I also understand how the world operates, its system was already set up by those who came before us. Now is the matter of finding our place within the system. I guess I’ll explore this more in the future. Right now I’ve to get prepared for a meeting later on.

To conclude this post, it’s sad for me to lose an aspect of my friendship with others. We’ll still be friends but it’ll never be the same anymore.

Take care now.


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