Bringing Them All Right Here…

As I’ve posted earlier, I said that I’d return to WordPress once there’s an app for BlackBerry. Now that its here, I can now centralize all my previous postings from Blogger to WordPress. I have already deleted The Jongandhi Blog and Jongandhi III. But most of ’em are available right here at The Jongandhi Herald (though I’ll be changing the name of this blog soon…) for your viewing pleasure.

I’m very much busier nowadays so my postings input would be less. I’ll try to post blog-worthy MalaysiaKini and Bernama SMS entries as often as I can. Sometimes the SMSes that I get seem to be, well, too stupid for me to dignify here. So I’ll be selective of what goes in here.

I’ve been going through with some changes in these past few months hence my absence. I’m feeling and progressing much better now. I’d still be whining and groaning here but I shall try to grow up at the same time (?).

Anyway best not to blog further about this after all this is only an announcement.


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