Mentor : A Revelation

(This particular post was imported from my other site Jongandhi III of which I’ve started  on June 15th. This was before my eyes were opened by the world. A lot has changed ever since then especially my views and feelings. As I read through, I thought for the sake of documentation, to publish this post. Besides I was pretty frustrated then and it’s part of my process, so I’ve decided to finish it off. Something to look back upon…)

I know I haven’t been writing much.

Heck, I don’t even bothered to post the sms’

I just got back from a recent 3-day business trip from Kuala Lumpur. It was a meeting dinner whereby our group were supposed to brief the VVIP about our proposal. We had dinner at a fancy Japanese restaurant.

Sounds nice, right? Well, the whole episode would’ve been perfect if our guy, the presenter, hadn’t stood us up! That’s right, he didn’t turned up! He was stuck at another meeting in another country!

Luckily somebody (and me :p) from our group managed to salvage the remains of our shattered ‘corporate’ image.


The next day, I made plans to catch up and meet one of my former mentors during my formative days. This particular mentor was one of the top leaders of the NGO that I was once with. In fact, he even became the organization’s national governor! More on him as we go along…

Though it wasn’t mentioned in the organization by-laws, to become a prominent leader, one must be ready to offer sacrifices to its causes. Traveling within and outside the country requires money. You also get to sacrifice valuable family time just so you can advance further another level in a non-paying career. The publicity though was fantastic. You get to rub shoulders with ministers,government officers and the public. Praises from them would be the only reward a hard-working volunteer would ever get.

Sounds great right? Wait, it gets better. Once you become famous the next thing that’ll happen is that you’d be a victim of jealousy within the organization. Then they would work in unison to bring you down. I experienced it all. And I’m never returning again. Enough is enough.

Once the dust settles, everything becomes clear. You tend to see stuff that you never noticed at first. Things like knowing who are the real friends and who are not. Who can do work and who can just talk. You know the rest.

So anyway, back to my mentor. For a person who has attained the highest office possible in the NGO, when he goes outside to find work he then gets a paying non-profit organization job. I don’t know much he’s getting but it must be miserable if you’re bunking in with a young family. Yet at the NGO long ago he was one of the political powerhouses.

Am I supposed to end up that way? In this particular NGO the catch of being a youth based organization is the age factor. So I suppose that is the reason why people in such situation would be driven in their pursuit of once in a lifetime positions. The danger in this pursuit is that one tends to lose his/herself and ends losing their family, job and time. Some members I know done all these in their youth who are now only just embarking in finding businesses and jobs in their fourties. Not many succeeded though. Personally I feel that jobs and businesses should be the main focus of people in their twenties and thirties.

Having recognition is great, if only you have the means to maintain it. No point in doing wonderful charitable work if your own backyard is a total mess.

Saying so, I’ve decided to move on and seek greener pastures. My time in this organization, though has its many fond memories, is officially over. Besides if I were to endure jealousy and hypocrisy, I would like to earn some money doing it….


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