A crossing that’s making an ass out of a zebra…

Idiots that pisses me off all the time!
Idiots that pisses me off all the time!

I’m sure to fellow Sabahans that this is a familiar and teeth-grinding sight! Whenever I passed this way, I always see this and irks me so.

I think someone has first got to die crossing the road before the awareness sinks in.

Sometimes I don’t understand these people in general; they either have a death-wish or they’re simply just plain blur! I would go for the latter because I’ve been observing them and that’s my conclusion.

As a motorist in Sabah, I do my bit to slow down and give way for others to cross be them vehicles or pedestrians. But these guys have a total disregard of the danger they put themselves in. Most of the time they’re carrying their kids!

The only solution I feel in dealing with this matter is building a pedestrian overhead bridge crossing. That way these lemmings won’t have to strain themselves out from thinking too much and just use the facilities in right front of them.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the true testament of our State’s 20 years of backwardness and it’s not only the infrastructure…

Read more at the Daily Express…


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