Bagan Pinang by-election today

So this is it. The big day for both sides.  For Pakatan, a win will add another seat to its growing numbers. For BN, a win will halt it’s spiraling decline into political oblivion.

From articles and other sources, it appears BN will be winning this round. BN candidate’s strong grassroots support is a key factor. Isa Samad has been bribing investing his time and efforts in securing the grassroots support.

( I must add that in most areas, the leader simply has to put up a pretense that he’s a good and welfare concerned person then the people would go for him. Giving ‘a little bit of something’ also shows that the leader is generous in his efforts to uplift the community. I know that sounds warped but that’s how the game is being played)

Recently there’s been an issue whereby BN were trying to secure the postal votes which are normally from the army and police. These groups votes here will be no contest; they’ll go to the ruling party. If BN loses this seat, then it would be all over for them in the next general election. There’s no way back up.

A Pakatan loss would signify the end of its seeming invincibility. Pakatan has thus far been very much consistent in their election battles. The internal bickering would prove to be the cause of its bane.

Some say that the Pas/Pakatan candidate could win by a small margin. Some also say that Umno/BN candidate may win by a small margin. I suppose that’s what PM Najib says that a win is a win and that the majority margin isn’t so important.

Personally, I think that BN will win this one. People are now getting tired of fighting and wish to make money also to have some stability in their lives. The recent Pakatan squabbles have shown that its inability to sort out their differences also reveals its inability to govern.

These guys only know how to complain.

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents for the day.

Meanwhile, good old RPK also has made his prediction; he said that Pakatan (well actually he said Pas) will win with a 1,000 vote majority. He has some excellent insights. Click here to read about it.

That’s it from me on this beautiful sunday. Be sure to check this space again tonight’s by-election results.

Have a great sunday!



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