Najib calls for changes in Umno

The PM is consolidating his position looks set to remain so
The PM is consolidating his position and looks set to remain so...

Days after a convincing landslide victory in Bagan Pinang, PM Najib wasted no time and called for reforms within Umno. Now this is a significant note as this will ( if I’m not reading this wrongly) enables the Umno grassroots to elect their representatives directly.

This might include the direct election of its party president.

Guys, the Bodowi era is finally over.

Stability and progress is back.

If he is consistent with his vision, mission and objectives, it is safe to say that this Prime Minister will be here to stay for a long, long time.

I’m beginning to like our Prime Minister who is very resilient.

Personally after all my travels this year, I’m more than glad to have security and stability in our beloved country anytime.

I’ll talk more on that later but now please read the following article…


(Taken from staronline)

Umno needs to change: Najib  – Tuesday 13th October 2009

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno does not expect resistance from members on proposed amendments to the party constitution, its president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said on Tuesday.

“Judging from the mood of party members during my briefing session with them, things look good.

“They responded well to my speech. Let us see (what happens) in the next few days,” he told reporters after briefing Umno delegates who will be attending the party’s 60th general assembly that begins Wednesday.

Najib was responding to questions if there would be any resistance from within on the move to amend the party constitution and if he would be able to overcome it.

The party president said that during his session with Umno delegates Tuesday, he explained the philosophy and reasons behind Umno’s constitutional amendments, adding it was mainly to curb money politics or vote-buying.

“The amendments can prevent money politics as the number of those involved in choosing leaders are very big and any attempts (to practise money politics) can be easily detected.

“It is rather easy to deal with 2,500 delegates. You can do it in the dark but not when the numbers are big,” he said.

Under the proposed amendments, a total of 146,500 party members will be involved in choosing Umno leaders.

To a question if amending the constitution would result in frequent changes to the party leadership at all levels, including the president, Najib said it would depend on the members.

“If the leadership is good and effective and accepted by the people, surely they can maintain their posts.

“We must realise that our accountability as leaders is heavier now. With the changes to the constitution, if leaders do not perform, they will be open to challenge, including the party’s top leadership,” he said.

Najib said that during his 70min closed-door session with delegates, he explained the changes in the national political landscape where he had stressed the crucial need for Umno to change for the better.

“Whether it is change in strengthening unity, our culture and even our own attitude, changes need to be made,” he said.

The party president also stressed on the importance of close co-operation and unity among members as this could help Umno achieve bigger success as reflected in the results of the recently-concluded Bagan Pinang by-election,

“This is an examplary election where the machinery led by (deputy president Tan Sri) Muhyiddin (Yassin) was effective. We must be willing to work hard and implement various programmes for the people,” he said.


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