Sabah’s 20 Points Agreement – My View

Flags of Sabah, Malaysia and spoiler(?) :D
Flags of Sabah, Malaysia and spoiler(?) 😀 maybe I should Photoshop this otherwise brilliant picture...

I guess I wasn’t the only one who detected 20 Points hint by Bernard Dompok.

Over in Malaysia Today, RPK himself posted his entry entitled ‘20-Point Agreement Between Sabah And Malaya‘, he opens with the below;

‘Now that 16 September, Malaysia Day, has been declared a public holiday from next year, let’s take it the next step and see what the 20-Point Agreement is all about, which has been a sore point for Sabah for a long time now, although Sarawak does not appear to be too flustered about it’s 18-Point Agreement’. Click here for more.

Yes the 20 Points Agreement between Sabah and Malaya was the basis of the formation of Malaysia.  I remember when I was a child, the grown-ups kept talking about it in the 80s at the height of the PBS government.

At that time the 20 Points was always the topic being uttered from coffee shops to offices.

Datuk Dr Jeffery Kitingan
Datuk Dr Jeffery Kitingan

It was so big an issue, Jeffery Kitingan went to jail because of that. He was being vocal to the point of suggesting secession. With that he was locked up by the ISA. I don’t remember for how long but it seemed quite long. He was also being regarded as a hero for Sabah. To know more of the 20 Points Agreement, click here.

While Jeffery’s approach was more direct (as PKR Vice-President he is still very much vocal) Bernard’s move is more behind the scene. Working from within to create the changes. It has taken him years but eventually the efforts are now in fruition.

Hopefully he would be able to negotiate in his own quiet way, the honoring of the 20-Points Agreement within the Federal Cabinet…


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