Yakuza Lords : let’s face-off in Facebook…

Facebooks Yakuza Lords
Facebook's Yakuza Lords

I was never much a fan of online gaming until I started playing Mafia Wars. It was fine at first but it was getting a little bit dull and monotonous. Then one day I was invited online to play Yakuza Lords, I was then officially hooked.

The story-line and the amazing graphics simply blew my mind! And it was quite easy to level upgrade. The group responsible for this silent hit is LOLapps.

Check out the cool and sometimes funny story-lines
Check out the cool and sometimes funny story-lines

This game is very stress relieving. Today in this modern world, we suffer mostly from mental stress and fatigue. So therefore Yakuza Lords offer us the chance to 1) pick a fight with someone and  2) make tons of money. This would definitely help save money on your psychiatrist bills (wait a minute do we even have such a thing here in Sabah?) and certainly makes you feel a bit lot better 😀 !

Anyway since we’re on this page, do me a favor and join my Yakuza Lords Family in Facebook. Don’t worry about the screening because I’ll add anything anybody! You can click on my Facebook Profile Badge over at the right or you can simply click here which would immediately direct you to the game.

Okay enough talk, we now have action!


2 thoughts on “Yakuza Lords : let’s face-off in Facebook…”

  1. It’s been awhile since I last played Yakuza Lords. I’ve now moved on to playing Farmville and Cafe World.

    I find that these 2 games has a calming affect on me especially when it comes to stress.

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