My BlackBerry Storm Saga Part 1

BlackBerry Storm

This November my beloved BlackBerry Bold’s track-ball died on me. My first impulse was to get a new handset and to avoid the trackball issue, I opted for BlackBerry Storm (version 1). When I told my wife this, she said I should just go with the iPhone since my desktop happens to be a Mac Mini and my laptop a MacBook.

I over-confidently stated “Yeah but if I were to do that then I have to get a new line from Maxis and my thumbs won’t be able to navigate the iPhone. Storm at least has push email and has profile with landscape keyboard features.”  So there, I was getting a Storm from a shop that was being sold for RM 1788. Not bad huh?

I went to the shop and tested the Storm with my SIM card, it was fine. Calls and web-browsing features were fine except the push-email ones. I hadn’t thought much of it until I asked the lady whether she can help me set the piece. She told me no. Well what can I say? I’ve given her my money and I was desperate eager to bring home the Storm. I thought it was a mere gesture of simple device change inside my BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) account.

So I went home, switched on my computer and logged onto my BIS account. To my horror it said that my account has been either suspended or deactivated. Since the shop lady wouldn’t know how to fix it, I didn’t want to go back to there. So I chose another route. I went to the place where I’ve gotten my BlackBerry Bold.

The shop owner was kind enough to try and help me with my problem. he went to the Maxis website and keyed in my particulars….but still no results. He did everything, took out the battery, wiped out the phone (I learned a new trick) and a lot more. Finally we called the maxis customer care service. They told us to repeat the same thing. Again nothing. We were disappointed and before I left I thanked him for his troubles and (I later returned the next day to service my faulty Bold) went home.

Upon reaching home, I spent many more hours tinkering with the Storm and calling the Maxis customer care services. They were very friendly and helpful but they too couldn’t solve my problem. I tried until I retired at 1 AM. Still nada.

So the next day after church, I went back to the shop that sold me the device. I related my story to the lady and she kindly let me try another Storm device to check whether there’s a detection from Maxis. Again nothing. I thanked her and finally went to Maxis and told them my problem.

They confidently took my device and started tinkering with it. While I was waiting they managed to get me to change my BIS plan. I okayed it thinking about the Storm being fixed soon. I also took the time to fiddle around with an iPhone that was being displayed.

Apple iPhone 3G

I was amazed that handling the iPhone wasn’t so difficult as I envisioned it to be! I was very easy and fun to use. I just had to agree with any of the plans and would’ve been able to bring home the iPhone for RM 1290. But of course it had to be an new line. After spending much time with it, I realized that I should’ve gone and bought it in the first place!

Anyway, the Maxis staff themselves couldn’t figure out the problem. The only reason that I was given were the original carrier for my piece was Celcom. Celcom then has to release the Storm’s IMEI number for another user apart from the first owner. Simply you cannot sell your BlackBerry device to anyone else. I thanked them and went back to the shop which sold me the device.

I explained the lady my dilemma and asked whether it was possible for them to call their supplier to help me. She told me to wait and later her boss appeared. Again I explained myself to him. He finally said he’d do whatever he can to help me. I surrendered to him my device for checking. He said that he’ll call me once they have solved the problem. I agreed and now I wait.

End of Part 1

Click here for Part 2


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