My BlackBerry Storm Saga Part 2 (Conclusion)

The magic of BlackBerry Storm!

…And  I got my new BlackBerry Storm at last! In fact I’ve had it for 5 days already.

The phone shoppe had decided to give me a new handset. In my heart, I knew the shoppe owner had no choice but to give me a another set as the previous piece was compromised. As I placed my SIM card inside the device, the big 3G appeared and almost immediately I received an email from BlackBerry telling me that the device was registered already. I sighed a breath of relief. After all the effort finally paid off. I thank the lady and went home with my prize.

Naturally I was very pleased and spent the next couple of days tinkering with it.

As I compared the Storm to the Bold, the difference is so vast. The Bold looks archaic in comparison whereas the Storm looks shiny and modern with sharper graphics. However when it comes down to typing, the Bold wins as its tactile keypad is second to none. Other than that, its Storm all the way. I love the touchscreen interface and it clickable surface. Though I must admit that I’m still learning on how to use the Storm’s typing features effectively.

Physically, the Bold is more robust and the Storm as solid it may be but it seems is breakable. So I’m pretty much careful in handling it. I also like the Storm’s media player especially the video. Watching movies for me now is a joy as I no longer had to squint my eyes like I did on the Bold. The resolution is much, much higher of course.

Anyway, I later discovered that when one upgrades his/her BlackBerry device, the difficult part is figuring how to dispose of the older mobile. I must admit that I’m still very fond of my Bold and I’m still thinking on how give it the fitting send off which it deserves. Since the trackball is already fixed, my Bold is as good as ever except that it cannot detect earphones cables anymore otherwise it would still be perfect. I was contemplating of letting it go at RM 1,500 and later decided to put the sale decision on hold for now. I guess I’m just feeling a little guilty about this whole thing since I’ve decided to change device because of a problem that only took RM 55 to fix up!

So now I’m very happy with my new BlackBerry Storm of which I got for RM 1750. To date it’s my best piece.

For now that is :p

So I hereby conclude my BlackBerry Storm Saga! *

*If you ask me then whether I’d still go for the Storm after experiencing the iPhone, I say ‘ if the shoppe owner had given me back my money, I would’ve headed over to Maxis and used it to get myself the iPhone!’


One thought on “My BlackBerry Storm Saga Part 2 (Conclusion)”

  1. Heh. Just 2 days ago I was contemplating about getting the BlackBerry Bold 9700 for both my wife and I. The Storm keeps freezing on me and texting on it isn’t as fluid as texting on the Bold.

    The Storm’s screen is no doubt a beauty however for a businessman, the Bold’s no-nonsense QWERTY board is essential. Punching on the Bold’s QWERTY board is nearly 100% accurate as compared with the Storm’s virtual QWERTY; I have to be focussed in typing my message as I would end up typing the wrong keys all the time when not alert. That’s very unlike the Bold.

    After saying all of that, I guess I’ll endure the Storm until the the Bold 9700 price has reduced. And also get the iPhone at the same time if things goes well in business… 🙂

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