Headache Over A Cement Mixer

I’m faced with inconsistencies today. I have a cement mixer that I’ve been using to complete my project. The owner and original contractor had since then abandoned my site construction. After much bitter argument, I’ve decided to keep the cement mixer and use it to complete my project. I was thinking of returning it later after everything is done.

Then suddenly, another contractor came in the picture and staked his claim on the cement mixer. He said that he rented out the cement mixer to the first contractor!

I told my man to clarify this issue with the first contractor. The first contractor then claimed that the cement mixer actually belongs to him!

Now, my original intention was to return the mixer to the first contractor as it came from him. Whereas this second guy, I cannot take his side because I never had any direct dealing with him concerning this matter. Besides, this is their dispute and not mine. I don’t want any trouble.

So after I’m done with the cement mixer I will returned it to the person who first brought it to the site.

Personally, I feel the first contractor has played out the second contractor.

My reason being is that the first contractor has badly mismanaged the construction of my project that I ended up paying double thus resulted him being exited out of my site.

The second contractor is a much more successful entrepreneur than the first guy.


One thought on “Headache Over A Cement Mixer”

  1. Dear JG,

    My dear friend, I am not yet a contractor but I had been working for other contractors before and had went through your predicament several times over. It’s really is frustrating when facing such situation.

    By the way the one that is shown in your photograph fits for the scrapyard already.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

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