Michael Jackson isn’t HIStory after all?

Text-portrait of Michael Jackson
Text-portrait of Michael Jackson

I’ve been following the events since Michael Jackson’s passing on 25th June 2009; the triple autopsies, the hoax deaths blogs and videos, and the increase of MJ awareness around the world. In the duration of the month of his death, Michael Jackson’s music was played everywhere around the world. I know this because I was passing through Indonesia, Turkey, Morocco, England and Malaysia at the time; it’s been no exaggeration, he was being played in all of these places!

One of Michael Jacksons signature dance-illusion move in Michael Jacksons Moonwalker
One of Michael Jackson's signature dance-illusion move in 'Michael Jackson's Moonwalker'

What interests me about this whole MJ phenomena is that after he died, the musician managed to gather the once pessimistic world together and to reflect the passing of a legend as one. Also, in death, he managed to create new fans around the world, both old and young. My 7 years old daughter is one of the new legion of fans. He still has a magical touch with kids. See Moonwalker.

Michael Jackson : Unmasked
Michael Jackson : Unmasked

Within a week of his death, the book “Michael Jackson : Unmasked” was released. The author made the allegation that Jackson could be homosexual however not a child molester. If that were true, UK sensational tabloid The Sun might have carried the headlines; “Wacko Jacko = Homo!” to keep up the momentum in the neverending media circus.

I’ve been following websites and blogs that believes Michael Jackson is still alive. I find myself open to the suggestion because it feels like MJ’s passing was too well rehearsed. I mean this year alone we’ve seen the passing of stars like Farrah Fawcett and Patrick Swayze that I found them to be genuine. Weeping relatives, traditional funerals and so on; natural. All of us have been to funerals at least once in our lifetimes so we do feel the sense of sadness that emits from them.

I didn’t get that with Michael Jackson.

I suspect that he is still around. A person like Michael Jackson doesn’t simply go away just like that especially with the likes of him. I feel that there’s more to this than what has been shown.

Anyway, I’ll be monitoring the web and see whether this whole death hoax is by itself a hoax. For curiosity (read if you got nothing significant to do with your life today) sake click on these 2 links for more of the good stuff…

Derek Clontz ‘Answered: Top Ten ‘MJ-Is-Alive’ Questions

Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators


2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson isn’t HIStory after all?”

    1. I think that the death hoax is indeed a hoax in a hoax. Lots of layers just like Leonardo Dicaprio ‘s latest offering ‘Inception’. Michael Jackson is dead. Rest in peace.

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