My First Few Days of New Year 2010

1st January 2010
I’m home now reflecting the past year which ended at 12am this morning. It had been a heavy party last night and I had more than a few rounds of drinks.
So now I’m home still nursing my hangover. I’m just thankful that I don’t do this everyday like I used to.

It simply isn’t helping with the health.

3rd January 2010
Today we admitted my brother-in-law into Bukit Padang, our local rehabilitation centre.

He is suffering from bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder “is a serious medical illness that causes shifts in a person’s mood, energy, and ability to function. Different from the normal ups and downs that everyone goes through, the symptoms of bipolar disorder are severe.”

I was present when my in-laws were interviewed by the centre’s doctor. Apparently excessive smoking, eating, drinking and spending is a symptom. Then they were talking about dosage intakes whereby my brother in law’s previous doctor, a private practitioner, has not been reviewing him for the last 2 years. My father in law said that he was since then only buying the medicine without the proper checkup. My brother in law who is 107 kg was given dosages of 200 milligrams when he was supposed to receive 600 milligrams at least. From there we suspected that the private doctor has been hustling my father in law for money.

I later discovered that when a patient gets admitted to Bukit Padang being a government facility, the person doesn’t pay so much as compared with the private practices which tends to escalate the medical costs.

I haven’t yet visited the private psychiatrist’s clinic but from this excursion I began to realize that BP has been unfairly ridiculed by the public as just an nuthouse. I noticed the staff actually cares about the patients’ well-being. I don’t know but I’m just assuming that this is the final bastion in our country’s exemplary government institution. If you ask me, I’ll go bananas looking after crazy people after all I’ve enough problems myself dealing with the crazies outside the mental institution…

4th – 7th January 2010 (Back to School)

Back to school. My wife handles the morning shift and I take the afternoon shift. It seems pretty normal because I’m only repeating what I was doing last year, picking up my son and daughter from school. However that’s all about to change forever as now we’re also sending the twins to play-school!

That’s right; twins. I never mentioned them in this ole blog because they weren’t yet part of the schooling system in my little kingdom of small people who sometimes have trouble listening to their king…

So now my routine is from 11:30 am till 1 pm where I’ll be fetching 4 kids in this glorious new year of 2010…

It’s gonna take some time to adjust. I read in the news where kiddies attending classes for the first time were crying and didn’t wanna let their parents go.

My side?

One of my twins came home with the only available shorts (minus shirt mind you and don’t ask why) around the nursery because he earlier on wetted himself. He was too shy to ask for help. He also cried a bit. So that was his first day at school. The other (the cheekier one) twin made some friends for himself, no problems. That was yesterday. Today they both came out fully clothed and they seemed to have enjoyed themselves in class. I’m glad 🙂


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