Of iPhone Or Android? Part One

Okay… If things goes well as planned, I might treat myself to an (drum-rolls) iPhone 3GS!

Or an Android (what the…?)

Yeah yeah I know I’ve been raving a lot about my BlackBerry Storm. Well I suppose the honeymoon has now ended. Texting-wise, the BlackBerry Bold still wins hands down and that is the most important feature of the BlackBerry brand. I agree mostly with one reviewer who commented that the Storm was rushed job created to be inserted in the thriving touchscreen market.

Having tried the iPhone of which I find comfortable to use, I thought again, if given a choice… I would definitely choose the iPhone. That was the idea until I took another stroll to my favourite mobile products shoppe this evening.

I was almost taken by the HTC Magic. That’s right the Google phone. The…the…


I managed to test-run the mobile and it was one of the coolest smart-phone I ever come across. Light and slim in comparison to the good ol’ Storm which is heavy and chunky. It even has push email. The keyboard is the standard portrait and horizontal feature which is now common in most of the touch-screen smart-phones. I particularly like the little buzzes that it makes while one types on it. I suppose its the answer to the Storm’s click-able touch-screen.

Its cheap at RM 1499 though I’m not too sure of its data charges.

This kind of decision to make is familiar though not easy. Classic example was to choose between the iPhone and the Storm. I chose the Storm because of its push email facilities plus I already bought the darn thing!

Anyway this is an interesting topic for me to rant about. Also to avoid my last fiasco, I’m taking this one slow and steady.

End Part One


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