It has been an interesting week so far though it’s too early to call since this is only Thursday evening. A business deal was supposed to go down smoothly this week but didn’t happened like the way I both planned and anticipated it would turn out.

My never-ending project has been delayed again and I’m short of funds. I only needed some small amount for my company to survive this month. Of which I managed to achieve eventually. I am eternally grateful to this kind hearted benefactor who took a chance on me and bailed me out though only for a fleeting moment of a month but for it is more than enough that I expected from him.

My actual disappointment lies on the other deal that was also made last week. I was supposed to see some money rolling by since yesterday but nothing happened. I don’t fault the guy because he has some money stuck somewhere which he’s still struggling to pry open. I mean life is tough, you, me and the entire world knows that.

What pisses me off are the promises that he makes over and over but fails to deliver. So one day last week he promised me something, the same promise that he keeps on breaking. Usually, I would just brush this over and say, “ to hell with it, we’re in it for the long haul anyway” and won’t make demands off him as to play my part as a team player.

However this time, I’m really in need so I did the unthinkable; I held on to his promise with actual expectations. The whole heehee-hahas of last week quickly disappeared when I met him again on Tuesday. From the enthusiastic individual he was of last week instead now he has reverted to an ohmygodding hopeless clueless thing.

Well, I know that he is still struggling to make good his promise with me. Eventually I will have to forgive him for his blunders as we are indeed business partners; there is a whole war ahead of us.

I’m now preparing myself for some disappointment though there is a slight chance it might turned out right. Maybe the good news only appears after CNY? Who knows right?

From this episode alone, 3 different people were being tested.

The first was my benefactor who took a chance and bailed me out not because he needed to but because he wanted to. He’s a compassionate and giving human being. He may have had a lot of rough edges during his younger days but his act of kindness has bypassed all of that.

The second was my business partner who promised me something this week but looks destined to be part of his many broken promises that he has made to me so far. He should learn not to make any promises he knows he cannot fulfill.

Finally, there’s me. I was being blessed with the very much needed aid by a man who has no need to help me and I was promised something that doesn’t seem at all likely, at this stage by a man who has repeatedly been promising me everything that results to nothing.

So what did I learn for myself this week?

I learned that we all make mistakes but we also have the capabilities to improve upon these flaws. So like my benefactor who gave me the chance to proof myself, I too should give my business partner the chance to honor his many broken promises not because I needed to but because I wanted to.


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