iPhone 3GS It Is (Of iPhone Or Android? Part 2)

Apple's iPhone 3GSOk it is done. I’m officially an iPhone user. And I’m writing this with the device! I can say I have no regrets switching from the BlackBerry series. Everything is amazing about this phone and I can assure you that I’ll be blogging quite frequently now that I’ve finally gotten hold of the best phone ever. No question about that from me.

Texting with the iPhone is a breeze compared with the BlackBerry Storm. For one, with the iPhone you don’t have to apply too much pressure on the touch screen when typing. I remember having half cramped thumbs after tapping the Storm’s virtual keyboard. I also remember the stress I developed just by doing that!


It has been since I switched over from the BlackBerry Storm to iPhone. The first week was overwhelming due to the games on it; I just couldn’t stop playing with them. The cheapest games at the iTunes app store are priced at 0.99(USD) cents the highest so far is Final Fantasy 1 & 2 sitting on 9.99 dollars. Now I’ve about 50 apps inside iPhone and they have since helped keeping my sanity intact while I go through the daily rigors of business. I told my friends the significant difference between iPhone and BlackBerry is that the latter’s annoying blinking red light flashes whenever there’s calls or messages. No doubt on BlackBerry’s excellent push e-mail feature but I find it pretty stressful whenever the red light pops up. You can’t turn it off in case you’re wondering. Whereas with iPhone, it’s push e-mail is subdued; i find it almost a minute slower than BlackBerry. However I appreciate the delay and absence of the led light. I notice that I’m more relaxed while working which is actually good for my health.

I find the video features on iPhone to be very stable in comparison to BlackBerry Storm. So far whenever I played movie files on iPhone it never hangs. The Storm hangs most of the time and needs constant rebooting and the loading time will take up to 10 minutes. Whereas iPhone’s reboot time clocks under a minute. To be fair, iPhone’s problem for me so far is the Internet data. Sometimes iPhone gets clogged up that it couldn’t access the net but every reboot it becomes good again.

Actually there’s more to rave about iPhone but I think I’ll stop here at this moment. iPhone is indeed a revolutionary masterpiece and it feels great to own one.

Hmmm, I wonder how’s the iPad coming along…


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